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Now that I have been able to sneak in some miles this warm February w/ the new tire/wheel set up, here some some quick thoughts:

* The bike feels more sporty. Paved road corning has greatly improved and the big bike feels like it wants to tip in to every corner. I like that.

* The stock kick stand is too long now and I need *think* about bike placement before leaving it on the side stand. I may look for a shorter after market stand for when I'm using the 19/17 set up.

* Also, the center stand is long now which makes for a little more effort required to get the 990 up. But, I do like the add'l wheel clearance while the bike is on the center stand.

* Given the fact the bike appears to be lower to the ground now w/ the shorter wheels (as evidence by the the effects on the side and center stands), the bike does not feel lower to ground with my modest 28" inseam.

* Regarding the bike being lower to the ground, I wonder when I get into some awesome twisties, will I have less ground clearance when it comes to dragging the pegs? A few hours on WV's finest will let me know that soon enough.
-- Doug
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