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Xtremely helpful visuals!!!

Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
Thanks. I have one or two trips down to the hot Nevada desert again this year, so I'll get to try it out!
Great post Cyborg, better illustrating the install. Especially helpful shots of the coat hanger ends, which are vital to unmating and mating the fan plugs together.

The fan bracket itself tends to have one perfect way to slide it into place, which is gliding it in from the side, not pushing it over the radiator from the back forward ( like my first attempt). I somehow got it inadvertently caught on the oil tank vent line hose clip (that you illustrate rotating 90 degrees CCW away from the fan). The clip was pulled back toward the fan without me noticing. Then the clip ended up catching on the fan blades after the install creating a high pitched noise (luckily just lightly surface scratching occurred from my bad). Once I slid the clip away, the fan was perfectly quiet. Just an FYI to others. Otherwise, this fan is an awesome add on.
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