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I am in Coyhaique,Chile for the third night now.Yesterday
I took the bike to a Honda dealer to look at my bike.


Even though it started and ran great going there.15 minutes later it was their lunch time.And lunch is 1-3pm.So I walked around town.I saw 4 bikes on a side walk.1 from California and the others from Alberta.I couldn't find them so I left my card.I ate lunch nearby and hoped to see them when they returned.Somehow they left and I didn't see them.Hours later when I left the Honda shop,I saw the California KLR there again.So I stopped and talked to BJ.When we parted he told me where they were camping.I was going to stay in a room that night .But later I thought I should go camp with them and see what they had been doing.


They had been on the road 6 1/2 and 7 months.Glad I talked with them.I may ship my bike to Miami with theirs' if it will make it to Buenos Aires.

I am copying from my thread on KLR650 forum below to save me some time:
When my bike stops I immediately open the carb bowl drain.And it drain for a long time.Took it to a Honda dealer yesterday.He couldn't identify the problem.He thinks it may be a coil acting up when it gets hot.Twice he wrenched and had me go ride it.I rode out of town,mostly wide open throttle for about 3 miles with no problem.Then I returned the same way.When I got in town and had to slow down it stalled at a red light.It was slow to restart,but did.Stalled at the next stop.Same procedure.Then 2 blocks later it stalled as I pulled into the shop.He fiddled again and had me go ride again.Almost identical stalling places.The third time I test rode,it didn't stall.But it was wanting to.I think the third time he enriched the idle jet some.I did notice that my temp gauge seems to be running warmer.It seems to be running more than half way across the dial.Not that high when I'm going fast.It is in the 80's here.I can't really say if that is high for these conditions or not.Just seems like I hear the fan more.

Well I decided I was going south this morning since it would run.10 miles out of town I have a flat on the rear.


After fixing it,I decide to return to town and get a new front tire.Seems like they wear faster when they get down to1/4 life.Well they don't have any in town.Now 30 miles out of town,I stop to look a a route change.I see a lot of oil dripping on the ground.Looks like the countershaft seal is leaking.I return to town and everything is closed for the weekend.I got a room.I also have my left fork seal is leaking some.I think I will replace it with used spares I have tomorrow.I'm afraid to go with the C/S seal leaking the way it is.It could go from bad to open drain pretty fast.Oil is $6-7 a liter.And my brakes went away after running back to the pads.It sure feels like I not supposed to finish my trip.At least on this bike.

Well tonight I'm in the Hospedaje Lo de Rocco-$36.They cater to rock climbers.But they said I could work on my bike here if I want.That's what I'll do tomorrow.If I stay another night I will need to tent it here.They will be full.That works fine too.They say I will be eligible to vote in Chile in 5 more days.
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