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So far, it had been a somewhat dissapointing ride. That, combined with the cold put a damper on my plans to take a different and longer route back. I decided to retrace my route but try to find some side roads, preferably dirt, to explore. I knew there had to be some off road riding since I had seen a bunch of ATVs on trailer in the area. So I headed back up the mountain on 16. eventually I found a dirt road that was open.

And of course there was a big sign.

The road started out very deep, large gravel. Not much fun but it eventally ended.

As I continued I noticed that every few trees there was yellow paint on the trees. I stopped to get a pic but the pic doesn't really show how bad it was.

Actually, the previous pic shows it better. There is a big yellow mark the the left and a white sign on the right. It kind of ruined the whole wilderness effect.

Eventually the scenery got better.

And the road got rougher.

And rougher.

A little past this last pic, it got more challenging than I wanted to tackle by myself on my heavy KLR, so I turned around.

I found another road to explore. Of course there was another sign.

Actually there where Numerous signs. I started thinking about that song from the 60s or 70s...Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

Anyway this I followed this road a ways but it was a pretty boring gravel road and there where signs everwhere warning not to leave the road, or hunt, or fish, or pick your nose without a permit

so I turned around.

Soon I was back at the border.

Sorry Tennessee, but you didn't impress me today.

I pretty much backtracked except for taking 142 from 146 to 65. 142 was a small county road that looked like it might be real twisty. It had a few tight curves but other than that was nothing special. Actually if was pretty rough, no problen on a dual sport but probably not so great on a cruiser or sport bike.

Then I had some fun on the curves on 65

Then it was on to the highway for some mindless droning. I did see this cool Cobra.

And of course I know I'm getting close to home when I see the giant Saturn Rocket which dominates the landscape.

And then it started to rain just before I got home. A perfect ending to a pretty dissappointing ride.

I considered not even doing a ride report but after being home for a while, I did a search on U tube and found the perfect video to end this part of my report. It's funny and well worth watching:
I ride, Therefore I Am.

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