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Oops! Someone posted while I was writing!

It's good to see that you're at least trying to do things on proper order. The first time I went through what you're doing. Well... You don't want to know!

I've come up with a new rule that I have to add to my personal Airhead Cannons: "Never refuse help from another Airhead!"

Before you go much further, see if you can get together with the wife, schedule three hours or four hours for working exclusively on the bike and take CDD up on his offer to help. Crazy has a good understanding of machines in general and hes been screwing around with Beemers lately, so he may be able to get your bike running (Or close to it.) very quickly.

After grounding the electrical system, you'll have to check the wiring harness for damage. My experience is that when it comes to wiring, two heads are better than one.

Also: If you haven't done a complete tune-up yet, do one now. Check the timing, set the valves, clean or better yet replace the points and condenser, clean the electrical connections to the coils, charge the battery even if it's new, check the grounds and plug cables, etc. Then double check your work.

Remove all of the excuses for the bike not to run and should start right up!

PS: IMO it'a kinds difficult to jump an Airhead, using automotive jumper cables. Better to make up a dedicated set, using smaller clamps from Radio Shack and lighter wires. I made up a set 20 years ago and they've come in very handy.

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