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Originally Posted by backdrifter View Post
SNIP! I'm planning the full tune up after all the new gaskets are installed. They're on order now - hopefully in the next week. That doesn't worry me, what DOES worry me is this new electrical problem. I don't get along well with electrical issues. Guess I'd better go buy an ohm meter. It's always something, isn't it?
OK! Now you're cookin with gas!

Since you know that the bikes runs, you may not want to do this but what you can do is stop right where you are and get into disassembling, cleaning and painting the bike. You're going to have to search out some replacement parts here and there but that easy. Having the bike run is the big "go-ahead" signal, right?

Everybody's different. I don't mind cleaning stuff and twirling wrenches but I hate doing electrical work. Actually, it's more like the electrical stuff hates me, cause it's always blowing smoke in my face. Hell.. Once I even set myself on fire, tryin to fix a broken darkroom timer.

Luckily, the last time I had a Airhead wiring problem Wirespokes showed up from Oregon looking for an empty bed, so I got him to play with the electrons. I owe him one but the interest rate is alarmingly low!

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Keep up the reports. You're doin good!

PS: For the level of accuracy that we need, the cheap meters from Harbor Freight work just fine. If you watch for the coupons in motorcycle mags or on the net, you can sometimes buy em for as little as $3.00. I have several and they've served me well.

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