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Looking for a job (CA)

I'm looking for a job in the southern Cal region, preferably anywhere from LA to San Diego, but am open to other areas as well.

Most of my experience is in the shipping/logistics industry; I was a manager at FedEx for a number of years. I also am knowledgable in carpet cleaning, restoration, and the repair of the machines.

That's what I'm experienced in but am more than willing to learn anything. I'm 23 and have no bills so I don't need a lot of money but certainly enough to live on. I have money saved up so I don't need relocation or anything..just a job to come out to.

Its hard to find a job living so far away, so that's why I'm seeking assistance or if you know of anything. I can send a resume, PM me here, or call/text 918 576 1123. Thanks a lot in advance!
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