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Originally Posted by AviatorTroy View Post
Well I'm really glad to read all this. We are looking hard at the CRF for my wife, as someone else mentioned, she's 40 and it would be her first motorcycle. She's done a little street riding on my 550 but she really likes the CRF and feels that the size and weight fit her perfectly.

I'm a little worried about power. She is only 110# and I know some 200# guys ride these things around, but still, I consider my KLR to be barely powerful enough to ride on the street, you want to be able to pass someone on a country road or pull away from someone at a light. I'm hoping that with her tiny butt on it, it would be more or less capable of keeping up with me on the KLR on twisty back roads and the occasional 70 mph highway stint just for a few miles here and there. You know, if it can't at least do that it's not real practical for us. The biggest thing is, can it comfortably do a 2 hour ride on twisty back roads to get to the trails? That's where my KLR shines, and I hope this is going to be as good for her...
Originally Posted by ObiJohn View Post
I weigh a lot more than 110#, and the CRF230L is pretty quick up to 60 mph... and it will readily go 70 mph. Do you really see your wife passing people who are going 55 or 60 on a twisty backroad? And, does she want to be hanging on to the handlebars for dear life while the wind at 60 mph-plus is trying to push her back off the bike?

The reason I picked up my 230L is so I can go trail riding with my young son, on his new-to-him XR70R. I know and accept that I'm going to have to ride at his pace, in a style that is enjoyable to him, when we ride together. The same thing is true for anyone who rides with someone else who is less-skilled; if you want to ride together you're going to have to ride at their pace, and if you want to ride together a lot you're going to have to make sure it's fun for them.

If you're looking for a high speed road bike, or something you can win the Baja 1000 on against all comers, then don't look at the CRF230L. If you're looking for a bike that works reasonably well on everything except the superslab, is great for cruising (not bombing) down dirt roads and all but the most extreme single-track, especially for those of us who are height-challenged, then the CRF230L is a very good choice.
What Obi is saying here you really need to take to heart. You need to get into your wife's head and what she wants out of the deal. If you keep pushing her to try and keep up she'll feel she's slowing you down and taking risks she doesn't really want to take and she won't enjoy riding as much. Then you'll feel like she is slowing you down and will complain to her about it... not what either of you want. Or worse yet, she'll try keeping up and make a big mistake... NOT WORTH IT!

As she gets comfortable with her skills (not your skills) she may want to go faster, get a bigger bike or whatever. But it's at HER pace, not yours. Slow down, enjoy the scenery and that you're out riding with your wife... that my friend is a big deal! Enjoy it.

If her skills and desire is to ride at your pace I do not recommend the 230. I have one and few believe what I make it do. I've ridden Five Miles of Hell in Utah on it and had good riders on CRF450Xs and Rs try to keep up with me on brutally tight trails and fail to the point where they ask for the escape route. I'm 5'7" at 200+lbs and I have a great time on this bike in the brutal stuff. I also have an modified XR650L for the faster, longer rides. The 230 is a very capable bike for what it's made for... but it is in no way made for high speed peg scraping. Sure, you can do it, but that's not what it's made for.... IMHO!

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