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Originally Posted by SafariBerg View Post
Here in Aust. at least the 530's have had more issues with cracking pistons than the 570's. The 570 piston is different and seems to hold up much better, I'm not aware of any 570 pistons breaking over the last 2 years, where as I know of several instances where 530 pistons have broken and now the KTM team routinely changes pistons to avoid breakage.

We have had 2 early production 2009 570 big ends go but none of later or more recent production runs. These 2 failures we had are the only ones reported to date in Aust. Again I know that the 530's seem to have this issue more frequently.

Of course all this depends on the rider and how the bike is ridden..........other 530's such as Jaybo's enjoy a long life with no issues

Amongst the EU Dakar rallye crowd there is a distinct preference for the older 525 RFS motor over the 530 motor due to reliability issues
The 570 piston is a beautiful piece of work. If you get the chance to look at one side by side with a 530 one you'll really appreciate the design. It simply looks strong! Changing pistons routinely isn't just limited to the KTM team. If I had a dollar for every Honda piston and handful of valves I've seen changed out in the few Safari's I've been at I wouldn't need any sponsors. The 450EXCs also suffer from broken pistons in the same conditions with similar piston design to the 530. Once again it's actually pretty rare.

I'd guess the "sample size" of comparisons between 530 and 570 are a little biased. I really don't believe the 530s have big end failures "more frequently" than 570s if the sample size of comparisons were the same. There's a heck of a lot of 530s out there but relatively few 570s. I've also only heard of terminal problems in Rallying - not in enduro and trail riding where the 530 and 570 are designed to be used.

I kinda hope the 450RR piston is like the Berg one. Just exudes strength and confidence.
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