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well, it's been a month since I posted up last. I've been on a weekend ride with the SRC and found it died after about 3 hours listening to XM music. The speakers still suck, even with moving them around. With foam earplugs in I can't hear them, without earplugs it's too noisy. Yes, I know this is a "quiet" helmet, but that's all relative depending on the wind protection your bike gives.

I removed the SRC last night, put the chin curtain back in and am going back to my custom molded ear buds from BigEar for longer rides. For commuting I'll back to enjoying the rumble of the motor.


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Hey Marty,

It's interesting to hear your having issues with the speakers, I am guessing you already played with their placement. Hmm keep us on the thread posted.

I have had Q2's in the past and have a G4 on my other setup and I find the speaker setup comparative with what I expected.

The Boom and chin curtain playing with each other is par for the course on this one. I think the big hurdle for thins "integrated" system was to have the SRC not hinder the seal and overall quiet of the helmet, so you have a compact boom that needs to fit snugly inside the curtain without compromising it.

I end up taking an extra moment to readjust the boom after I put the C3 on just to ensure its in the right place, it is a tight squeeze but everyone's clearance will be different based on the depth front to back of their head. If it really is that tight for you I could see how it could become a nuisance.

Interested to hear your ongoing feedback.

Marty S.
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