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Thanks Safariberg and Joybo1 for the feedback. I'm currently abusing a KTM 525 and always keeping my eyes open for its next replacement for long dual sport rides and your threads and postings have been insightful. Thank you.

The "Berg has some interesting design features that attract me like the airbox location thats high and centered and looks like it may deliver cleaner air to the airbox and keep it out of the water and dust better than the KTM. Also the 'Bergs cylinder layout seems tempting to taste. However the Achilles heel regarding the Berg for me is the design teams decision to omit a kickstarter from a hard core Enduro bike. I wish the designers re-thought this issue.

Here's a sample of a dilemma I fear on the 'Berg.

The above pic I had been riding some technical enduro terrain for about 30 minutes with the fan churning away trying to keep the motor cool. I then dropped into a sandwash for a few hundred yards, clipped a rock and got swapped off the bike. No problem, blink my eyes to clear the stars, pick the bike up, pull in the clutch and hit the start button. A laboring slow groan is emitted as the starter moves like its stuck in peanut butter. Damn a weak battery that can't turn the engine over. I could hook up my mini jumper cables (as noted above) to the battery and get my riding buddy to jump me but sadly I'm alone on this ride. How long will it take for someone else to come down the sandwash??? Erm rural Thailand jungle..............maybe awhile................ like a couple days. I wish big bore four strokes bump started like a 250 two stroke but sadly they don't, they're a bitch. I walk over to the shade and take a break, and snapped this pic. Luckily the KTM has a kickstarter so I just walked back, kicked it back to life and continued on the mjultiday ride.

The Berg would have given me a bit more of a headache in the above situation. Sure I could always bring a backup battery as LukasM suggested however like he stated, kicking it over is certainly a lot easier. Has anybody in the Berg grapevine heard of their intention to ever add a kickstarter????

Another question if I may. Have the factories always run the FI on the rally bikes or am I remembering correctly that they also swapped back to carbs for reliability at some point?
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