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Bob Geiger here...

Thank you for the positive feedback about the product. We are glad that you guys are liking it. We've worked hard to build a superior system.

As for the issue with your bite valve: We have a life-time warranty for leakage, so I really want to know about this issue. The bite valves have been designed to hold the pressure. So... a leaky bite valve doesn't sound right.

We love the comment: "hard to keep the bite valve in your mouth without drinking water...." Never Suck Again!

Please feel free to call me to discuss by phone. We'll get to the bottom of this, and get it resolved. NO LEAKS!

Also, there is an on-off switch on the bite valve.

GEIGERRIG Office: 801-823-3336 e-mail:

Originally Posted by FYYFF View Post
I finally put it in a test this weekend. Here is what I have:

* Comfortable backpack with nice patting
* No pressure problem even with filter attached
* Great to clean mud on the bike, visor, etc.
* Very easy to fill and clean

* Mouth piece too sensitive and leaks even when I squeeze it accidentally hanging down (maybe it can be fixed by adjusting the mouthpiece, I forgot to try)
* A plastic carabiner/hinge would be nice to hang stuff on the shoulder straps.
* Hard to keep the mouth piece in your mouth with out drinking water. Maybe a small plastic piece at the bottom to hang it to your lower teeth would be nice

Great product to have. You don't even feel it on your back. Very comfortable. I strongly recommend it for anyone out there looking for a camelbak.

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