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Originally Posted by leeinmemphis View Post
Ok I'm getting ready to show just how dumb I am when it comes to gps technology. If I wanted to download the route from white rock to the natural bridge then insert the bypass to go around the whoop de doo's then how would I do that?

Sorry to sound so stupid but I don't know how to make it do that without starting with a brand new route and lay it all out again from start to finish.
Adding second route as a bypass into an existing mapsource file

1. Load your selected route into MapSource

2. Find the "User Data Tabs" window. Do this by clicking on the small arrow on the left of the map window near the top. Within the "User Data Tabs" window you find the "Routes" tab. Click it open. You will now see the name of the route listed there.

3. Highlight the route name

4. Select "Show selected Route on Map" and the route appears on the map

5. Before you start making changes to your route insure that all of your tool bars are turned on. Do this by right clicking in a blank space above and outside of your map window. Put a tick mark in front of each of the tool bar categories.

6. Find the part of the route where you intend to start your bypass or detour

7. Next find your "Route Tool" it will be in the same tool bar as the little hand. (Hover your cursor over each symbol and you will see the name of the function).

8. Depress the route tool button.

9. Place the cursor on the place you want to start the bypass and click there left click there, a line will now be attached to your cursor.

10. Next move your cursor to the place where you want the bypass or re-route to end. Then, left click again.

11. Now hit the escape button on your keyboard. This stops the rubber band line from moving where where you cursor moves and it will set and highlight the newly built bypass route.

12. Find the Way Point flag in your tool bar (also next to the hand), click the Way Point button and move your cursor where you started your bypass route and drop a Way Point ON THE ORIGINAL ROUTE just ahead of where your bypass begins and name it something like bypass begins. (now when you get there you will know it).

13. Look in your route tab again. You will now have two routes showing. The first will be the original route and the second will be some route named with seemingly random roads. You will want to change the name of the second route to something you will remember.

14. To change the name of the route do this. Highlight the name of the route/double click the name of the route.

15. This takes you to the "Route properties window"

16. In the route properties window you will find a tick box with the word "autoname" on it's right. Untick this box

17. Next, just above the "autoname" and tick box you will see a field for naming the route. Highlight and delete the existing name. Then rename it what you want (something like Whoops bypass).

Modifying an existing route to avoid something or make a route correction

1. Open your selected route

2. Choose the "Selection Tool" from the toolbar (same toolbar as the hand),

3. Click somewhere, anywhere on the route line. This will cause the route to show arrows on it.

4. Zoom your map into one mile.

5. Select map detail setting "Highest"

6. Use the "selection tool" and grab the route where you wish to change it by left clicking the route. You will now see a rubberband line. Pull the rubberband to the road you desire and left click again. The route will change to where you want it.

7. There are some things to remember when doing this:

A. You may have to perform this operation more than once along the previous route to get the route where YOU want it.

B. Sometimes when you do this you will see a partial left over route or route remnant where you first started to change the route. To get rid of this partial route move the selection tool cursor somewhere off the route and click.

The arrows on the route will disappear, the line will go solid. Next go to where the "old route" ends and find the end "route point or black dot" and left click on it. Once you click on it it will highlight in black, immediately right click it and then select "delete waypoint. You will get a confirmation window, click "yes" and the old route will go away (you may have to do this more than once to get rid of the entire previous route).

I did this on the fly so if something in this tutorial doesn't make sense or needs clarification let me know
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