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I lived in Antelope Valley all summer during an internship and I would like to return to southern California after I graduate in May of this year (2.5 months from now), but am generally interested in relocating "West."

Resume available on request, but summed up as:

Aerospace Engineer (Bachelors Degree)
Minor in Mathematics
Minor in Materials

Minor in Explosives Engineering
Certificate in Explosives Engineering

2 years of explosives engineering research.
3 years of microsatellite thruster research.
8 years of self employment; owned 2 businesses (one lawncare, one industrial tool sharpening).

Manual and CNC machine tool (lathe and mill) experience.

Previously employed in an aerospace prototype/design lab.
Currently employed in a foundry/machine shop.

Familiar with Solidworks, Catia, Ansys, MasterCAM, EasyCAM, Magmasoft, White Seismology, C++, HTML, Microsoft Office, CNC G-Code.

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