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A small update.

Last weekend I did the first few miles on the SV in half-finished but rideable condition. Only had to mount the rear brake hose. When that was done, I got on the bike immediately. Wish I had the common sense to re-check tire pressures and eventually re-mount the rear tire in the right direction, because during the test ride the valve was ripped off the inner tire while cornering. That was a very, very scary moment.

Anyway: the bike:

A few random pictures:

New dashboard:

A new skill I had to aquire: plastic welding. Need to improve my plastic welding skills before starting the fuel tanks, though.

KTM LC4 wheel adapted for the SV swingarm and axle:

The rear brake caliper anti-rotate pin turned out as a beautiful piece of workmanship, done for me by a guy (ErikRS/XTankTeam, also on this forum) that really knows how to work metal.

Many more pictures are on a Dutch forum (but hey, pictures are a universal language, right?), beginning approximately here:
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