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Originally Posted by Mudcat View Post
Good question. Geez, the bikes are freezing up going down the road. What happens when they are parked?

Thanks for talking the time to do a ride report Paul. Your ride has my attention.
Yo! Yes the bikes start easily. In 08 when I reached -61 C, Frosty started but I had an extra battery connected on the system. What I have learned since then it that the bike starts easily up to about and maybe above -30 or so. Obviously the EFI works at this temp. I will know more as we go on. But So far we have not had to jump start the 800's. I also know that using 0W40 in Frosty helped a lot. we have 10W40 on the 800's. Time will tell.
As far as freezing going down the road I have no clue what you are saying. So fat at -40 I had to make shields for the radiators. But the bikes ran great.

Vehicles have been running at cold temps forever. Bikes are no different. A single cylinder has less moving parts. I am sure it helps make it run in old like this.
I will keep you posted as we go. But i can tell you this. Frosty has been running in temps up to -60 C for more than 35,000 kms. She is still running strong.

Cool! As far as the studs I will have to measure them.. So Andy at Aerostich does not carry the 4606 anymore?? I am surprised. I know they are B/O. But that is all.

When I have a chance I will measure them. But I think they are 8.7 MM by 12.8 MM.
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