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Originally Posted by Screaming Chicken View Post
Depends on what your idea of "shape" is, I guess.

I managed to trash one of mine in a little 10 mph tumble on ice, and try as I might I couldn't get them to properly close again. Those curves are really hard to get right, and the edges crack with too much hammering.

Still like them enough that I bought a new one. They're fairly narrow on the bike for the amount of space they give. Briefly considered getting some Daerr boxes, but they were too wide, didn't fit with my rack/seat.
I managed to massage this back into a working lid:

The racks indeed are sturdy, and so far have never flinched, nor broken the subframe. I agree, the aluminum bags are fairly flimsy, and the system has its disadvantages.

Did I mention they take stickers really well?
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