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My new LFX18ah arrived from Advmachines a couple of days ago. It was already charged to 13.3 volts (90%), so I installed it, sprayed some CorrosionX on the terminals, and took it for a 30 minute ride so I could watch my dash mounted voltmeter to see how the KTM's charging system reacts to this new technology. BTW, the Shorai spun my '03 over noticably faster than the OEM 9 year old Yuasa. Voltage drop during start was also better (11.4v vs 9.6v). During the first 15 minutes, the DVM showed 13.7 - 13.9 volts while running 4k rpm. After 20 min it was up to 14.2 - 14.4 volts. After I stopped, the DVM read 14.2v which gradually decreased to 13.4 over the next 24 hrs.

I've been checking it for 3 days now without starting the bike to see how the Shorai holds its charge over time. It was 13.34 volts this AM. I checked before installing the new battery and parasitic drain for this bike was 0.0 ma.

A couple of other observations:

-The terminals on the Shorai are quite a bit less robust than the OEM, so the hamfisted out there should be careful. 30 inch/ounces of torque is spec'd. That aint much

- The nuts on the terminals are a PITA. They keep slipping out of place, and things get very fiddly quick. The quick fix is to stuff a piece of the foam from the kit behind the nuts to hold them in place.

- A "normal" lead-acid automatic trickle charger won't bring the Shorai up to full charge as they float around 13.3 volts which as stated above is 90% for the LFX. Need to get the Shorai charger if storing long term and can't run the bike long enough to charge it.

- The mfr recommends charging these batteries when they get to 50% which is 13.11v. Gonna be hard for most m/c owners to check these minute voltage changes. No problem if you have a DVM installed on the bike.

- Moving it to the tool box under the seat (my first thought) won't work too well on the Adventure, as it gets too hot under there for the LFX.

Now all that's left is to just go ride and see if it performs as well as my OEM did.


DISCLAIMER: All observations made in this post are mine and based solely on my own anecdotal experiences, and may contain large doses of facetiousness. YMMV, of course. You are "on your own", and I take no responsibility if someone tries anything in this post and gets into trouble with the law, damages their person or property, or goes blind. Take everything you read or hear "anywhere" butt especially on the Web with a large dose of salt.

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