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Transferring Hardware

Murphy's Law.. My stock tanks were nearly full. I don't have nearly the patience to drain them through the petcocks so instead I made a mess.

The instructions are rather sparse.. a single piece of paper - but I don't think you need anything more; it is pretty obvious what you do.

I like sentence one... something along the lines of "if you can't figure this out, get a mechanic's help"

Two nuggets of information on the sheet:

1) rinse the tanks out with a small amount of gas and discard to get rid of shavings.
2) use an anti-seize compound, NOT a thread-locker, on all bolts going into brass.

So first I rinsed out the tank and made another mess

I decided to to the left tank first as it's the "more complicated" one (although I dunno if you can really call any of this complicated).

Here's the stuff you need to transfer over:
The fuel level sensor
The petcock
The crossover petcock
..and the 3 sets of rubber mounts.

First I removed the fuel level sensor. If you ever wondered what it looks like on the inside.. now you know

Next came the crossover tube. For some reason they included different bolts for mounting it (and for the petcock too). I dunno why but just incase there was a real reason I used their hardware

If you ever wondered what the petcock looks like on the inside.. now you know

I then mounted it on the block-off plate. If I owned a 990 instead of a 950, I would insert my fuel pump into the hole that this block-off plate blocks.
As it is I mounted the petcock to the bottom of it with the supplied hardware.
In the background you can see the rubber gasket the plate uses to seal against the tank.

...transfer all the rubber mounts over:

et Voila...

I did one more swish with fuel, dumped it out adding to my mess, and test hung the tank on the bike

Easy peasy. Maybe 15 minutes work and that included playing with my camera.

...and at this point I came inside because the gas fumes are making me sick :puke

I'll go do the other tank after the vapors expire a bit.
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