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Originally Posted by Timberwoof
Ear plugs. I don't want to go deaf from riding. The orange flared bullet-shaped ones are the best, but are hard to find now. So I use the blue bullet-shaped ones. I always get the highest noise-reduction raitng I can find. I makre sure they're inserted correctly and I click my fingernails about a foot away from my ear as a test.
If you are talking about the "Max 50" orange ones, just last month I went and picked up a box of 500 of them for work from a local industrial supply place.

my gear:

HJC CL-X4 helmet
Ear Plugs
Heavy carhartt sweater (soon to be replaced by actual riding jacket)
Moose Racing XCR pant
FOX Tracker Boots (Which I just broke a buckle off of and had a whole eaten into the shin plate by my chain in a recent crash, soon to be replaced by Tech 8's or some Gearne's)
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