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By the way here is how cold it got on our way from Peace River to Slave Lake.

Okee Dokee! Fort McMurray
What can I say about this place?? The locals are great and truly love it. But driving on highway 63 coming here 2 days ago reminded me what happens when you pay large sums of money to men with small dicks and let them buy large pickup trucks as a way to medicate for the small man syndrome.. I do not want to generalize and there are many normal guys. But Damn!!! Is there a lot of them that are.......
it is nuts.. Pick up trucks with more bling than Snoop Dog in a fashion show and these trucks will most likely never see dirt duty unless you consider dirt duty going to the pub on your day off and load you empty cases of beer and dealing with the local sex trade industry.

Enough of this. I know! We need oil and that is true..
We woke up in Slave Lake and the weather was good. It was about -20 when we left. The 800's started right away. Whoops! I am forgetting something here.
We went ice fishing on Lake Athabasca.

When we got there the winds were whipping out asses big time.. So I decided to ride in the box of the pickup truck to take some pictures. I had not dressed as if I was to go riding. So let's just say that my manhood was warm because it was so cold it had retracted in my ass.. No Comments

We did some fishing and eating.. No drinking. Mind you this environment promotes drinking big time
There was a wood stove and I stoked the fire as soon as we came.

Took the gas powered ogre and drilled the ice off the holes. Then we sat down and started fishing. It was great. outside, the wind was howling and it was nice and toasty inside.

We did not catch anything but we ended up serving ourselves a copious amount of BS and jokes.
During this event Paul Iceman Mondor A.K.A Ice Pimp Daddy Rappa showed up and showed off his rap moves.. Cool!

Yo Ice Fackas!
Wazzzup you loozas
In the hood to do some hookin?
not to steel my ho's (Holes) away from ma pimpin"
Take yoh time and chill out Brotha
Coz the blowin will ice you, you sacka!
Lock the door and sit yo ass warm and lo
and enjoy the fishies nibblin on your minnow
Take yo bling an put in in you parka
cause Winter will freeze it on you skin you white trash sukka
Hear you ride scootas down these parts?
am sure you ass's so chilled you cannot fart
Enjoy yo time on my lake and in my hood
While this fire melts the ice outta yo blood.

See ya later you numb nuts.... Really!!!
Cause yo sure can see you willie.... really!!!

Chill! Peace!!

Where was I! oh yeah. After fishing we went back to Slave Lake and got ready for the ride to Fort Mac. It was -20 when we left and it was supposed to get warmer to about -10. Turns out it hovered between -5 and -17. Almost T-shirt riding weather.
It is 160 to Athabasca where we had to stop to go film at a local Chopper shop. I will post the pictures later. Can't find it.. (Frozen 2 brain cells)
then we rode to Fort Mac! 300 kms. We left Slave Lake at 7:45, stopped at Athabasca at 10:30, left there at 12:30 and got to Fort Mac at 4 PM. We hauled ass. the road was clear and there was construction going on.. But overall it was most likely the easiest day so far.
we are staying at the Sawridge Inn and it is awesome.
We had some Northern lights watching scheduled for last night after sledding. but it did not happen as the ceiling was too low.
We had a great tine sledding. they have beautiful back country here and lots of space.

Yours truly flying around.

Today we are goiing to get picked up at the hotel by helicopter and go to the oil sands sites and see an aerial view of them. apparently it is impossible to imagine how big they are till you see it from the air..
Tomorrow we leave at 10 AM for the ice road because the traffic out of town is bumper to bumper from 5 till 10 going to the sites. Then we will ride the ice road from Fort Mac to Port Smith where we sleep in a Park crew shack. Cool
I prefer this then the fancy schmanzee hotels. Make me feel more pat of where I am .

Stay tuned

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