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Originally Posted by towpro View Post
JaxObsessed, I still need to lay out the Michaux part of the Trans PA Trail. So far our track stops around 50 miles north of Michaux. Spring is coming! I need to start working on this again. (once I get that computer running again).

Do you have any tracks I can use for guidance? TopoUSA data is OK, I also run a PN40.
Hey Will,
I should be able to help. Let me do some digging. I have topo8 on a computer that has a virus..... lovely.. I am going to hook that hd into a USB enclosure to get my stuff off. This may take a while.... Hell, I can promise you that by spring I'll at least have gone back or I could plot the roads for you.
Did you get someone to do Tuscarora? There is some worthwhile gravel over there. I had GPS tracks from there that were lost in a perfect storm....

Originally Posted by boothdoc View Post
Man, that looks like a great time. I read this then headed up there Sunday with my son and the jeep. I had never been there before. most of the ice had melted(until last night that is). I can't wait to try it this weekend with the bike!!!!!!!!!!
Go Boothdoc!! Post the photos in here.
Want to help the Fox family (H14 and CampCook) materially? Details here.
More details here.

Thank you all. I am very proud of my ADV family.
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