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Ran across this while looking for max charging voltage

Here's an interesting (to me anyway) post by David Radford, pres of Shorai, USA, over on Basem's blog on motorcycles. It was in answer to some questions by posters.

1) Possible lamp life reduction for lights on your bike

Not a problem. Our standing voltage on initial key ON (before cranking) will be about a volt higher than lead-acid, but that isn’t enough to significantly reduce bulb life, nor is it as high as the voltage seen while the vehicle is running. After the vehicle is running, the voltage to the bulb will be the same with lead-acid or our LFX, as it is the charge output voltage seen by the bulb (13.6V~14.6V), which is above resting voltage for both battery types.
2) Possible problems with charging circuitry
3) Will the charging profile designed for a lead acid battery work properly for a Lithium Ion battery?

Our LFX have identical terminal charge voltage – 14.2V~14.6V (14.4V nominal) as lead-acid, and the same charge curve (CC-CV). No problem, at all. However, the ideal charger will be our own BMS01, which will be out by early March 2011. That has a pigtail from the 5-pin port, which can be tied off in an accessible location. The 5-pin port allows us to diagnose and charge each cell individually, for maximum accuracy and cell balance.

4) How does this battery compare to a AGM battery

It really doesn’t. It solves the sulfation problems, weighs a LOT less, and supplies more constant voltage to the vehicle systems, at the level modern systems require (recently many EFI problems are associated with too-low voltage during cranking with laed batteries). The two technologies have virtually nothing in common, except the charge requirements.

David Radford
President, Shorai Inc.
845 Stewart Dr., Suite C
Sunnyvale, CA 94085


DISCLAIMER: All observations made in this post are mine and based solely on my own anecdotal experiences, and may contain large doses of facetiousness. YMMV, of course. You are "on your own", and I take no responsibility if someone tries anything in this post and gets into trouble with the law, damages their person or property, or goes blind. Take everything you read or hear "anywhere" butt especially on the Web with a large dose of salt.

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