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Once again we have just increased the herd...The last baby was born today.
And let me tell you it was a good day to be born.. 61* and sunny!!

Last night at feeding time I was looking at Lefty and said to HB .. I say with in 24 hours ... Well this morning late.. Lefty had her baby!!

No help from us .. I love Longhorns/Corrientes... They have small babies ...
The way mother nature had intended them to do...

Lefty is a Corriente...So this baby is Corriente/Charolais cross..
Yes our cattle are in good order.. (good weight)

She loves her baby!!

Yes it looks all bent up still.. Well it's only an hour old...And still has to unfold..
That takes a few days...

You can see in an hours time of being forced through the birth canal.They are up..

And know where and how food is served!!

She will be the size of her mom one day!!! She's a cool colour ..
A nice Mocha...Yuppers she's a good mom..

. The herd, this evening all sniffed her and licked her ...
It's really cool to watch them as a family unit...

I even watched Tuco our Longhorn/Holstein (the Black cow) Clean the white calf the other day...I thought that's cool... After all she is also her Oldest sister.. For real.... See Tuco is/was Cisco's 2nd Calf that was born here on the farm.

Yuppers they are one big happy family

And I did get my bike out today... Felt good to ride and such a grand day!!
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