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While i was there I was lucky enough to experienced something I was told I should try. well-actually two things.
1) I tried a "Rink Burger" This thing if we can call it a burger is the only thing I have ever paid almost $6 for and that tasted like NOTHING. The patty was some kind of concoction that was frozen for most likely 10 years and was made with products that have name destined to be pronounced in the best of Star Trek episodes. No taste whatsoever. Even the cheese wa tasteless. Has anyone ever had cheese that has no taste? Even bad cheese tastes something. Then, maybe it was not cheese. This is oil country after all. Where people live, breathe and dream oil. Maybe it is some kind of experiment. they get a cow to eat oil sand fed grass and the result is this plastic sheet called cheese. As for the "Beef Patty"? I would rather not know what it was. But one thing for sure! They were selling shit loads of them.
Wow, now the oil workers are to blame for bad burgers! WTF? Everytime you put the nozzle in your tank, remember, that dino juice had to come from somewhere. Quit shitting on the oil workers, we pay most of the bills in this country!
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