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Originally Posted by Smilin' Dave View Post
Paul, do you run normal air pressure in your tires? I have been doing some winter riding this year, and i'm going on the theory that a lower psi will create more heat in the tire so more stick on cold dry pavement. This seems reasonable but maybe i'm hurting traction on snow covered roads by having a wider foot print. Any thoughts on this.
Hey Buddy!

I normally ride at Max PSI both front and rear. 42 PSI on my TKC's. But in winter I run them at about 40LBS on hard packed snow or ice conditions. I once ran them at 25 PSI around the great lakes in 07 when they had closed to TCH and there was 6 inch of snow. But I was riding at 20-30 km/h ad it worked awesome. SO i think it helps traction at lower speed in deep snow and minimizes CONTROL at high speed as you will have more flex. Plus I had no studs. I do not think it would make a difference with the studs I have if I lowered the PSI. (MY opinion)
I for one agree with you. it raises the temp on the tires a bit in cold, but I am not sure it would actually be as lethal as in summer.
Hopes this helps.

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