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Originally Posted by paulmondor View Post
Whoooow! Touchy! Touchy!

Like I said! I did want to generalize. Just describing (Some) and have a good laugh. Humour as (Most) of the world knows is the best medicine.. As for the burgers? I meant it. It takes real men and women to have it and these players ate it like candy. It was actually a compliment to the players. Not the burgers. I am reminded how I often hear jokes about French Canadian and how a lot of people in this country dislike the French. I agree, and I am one of them. But on the other hand, I also am intelligent enough to realize that a few bad people can make the numerous great ones look bad. I like these jokes about Frogs. Hell! I have a frog tattooed on my arm!

So If your reaction is any indication, it shows two things.

1) I am pretty accurate in describing what I have seen, and even the locals seem to agree with the "Projected" image.
2) if the hat fits Buddy? wear it! Sorry! if the (Depicted) pickup is parked in your driveway? Drive it
As for you guys paying the bills in this country? Funniest thing; and saddest thing I have ever heard.
But I think you just helped me prove my point.
Thank you!!
But like I always said and I accept it. "An opinion is like an asshole! Everybody got one..
Can you send me your address? I will send you my visa bill so you can pay it.

Cheers and and have a better day Buddy

PS:Oh! And one last thing! I have done my service in the army and paid my dues. Many people dislike for good reasons the military machine. Fair enough! They have the right to like or dislike what they want. We are all individuals and God bless their hearts. But, you do not hear me say that the sacrifices we made, and the things we did allow insecure little men and women to overreact to little threats ( If they can be called threats)to their little egos. I never did and I never will. It would be like saying Oil workers pay the bills in this country. What an insult to Canadians overall. Sometimes I wonder if we ended up with the right targets in our crosshairs.

I think what Rockmuncher1 may have been hinting at is that a lot of Albertastanians somewhat resent the fact that our province, in recent years, has a net transfer OUT of upwards of $9 billion per year to poorer provinces due to equalization but yet the services we have are inferior to those enjoyed in the 'have not' provinces. This issue has been addressed well in recent newspaper articles/opinion pieces.

I'm offering no opinion on the matter here, just trying to maybe explain what he was getting at. For the non-Canucks who might read this, equalization, roughly, is a program whereby $ from richer provinces is redistributed to poorer ones. The idea is that the level of public services remains the same across the country.
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