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Originally Posted by SierraJeep View Post
I've been looking at this photo now in several threads for the past week or so... Like others, I am interested in this type of windscreen. Since it is not see-through, I wonder why someone doesn't install a lip (or lips) along the inside edges so that folks could install buttons/toggles/farkles/etc. on the back side of the windscreen itself? Now that you're going to lose the upper parts of your fairings, it looks like you're going to lose a few switches, too. A lip or two behind the windscreen (maybe with a hollow channel down the back side to route a wire or two) may be a nifty spot to mount a switch. Thoughts?
I don't see why you couldn't do this. Heck, spray the inside of a stock screen black and have at it - its not like you ever look through the thing.

Here's a bigger photo of the area
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