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The website isn't new, but we are always open to changing. To the very best of my knowledge, BPI has never sent an email to customers soliciting their business in its entire history. There have never been any emails to opt out of because we've never sent bulk messages of any kind. We prefer to correspond by email so that we can provide customers with shipping updates and explain any problems in the rare case that they arise. Customer information is kept extremely secure and will absolutely never be shared or abused. The only circumstance I can think of in which BPI would even consider sending out an email to all our customers would be if we had a brand new product to offer or something.

We do appreciate your feedback. I will make sure to pass on your concerns about having to provide an email address to our Vice President, but I can't realistically make any promises-- after all, we need some way to contact customers and provide them with their tracking information, and email's really the only way to do that. If someone never received their order or something went wrong during shipping and we didn't have that customer's contact information, we'd have no way of letting them know about a problem. I understand the concern about providing personal information, but the truth is that when you're sending out thousands of orders a year something is bound to go wrong eventually, and we need to be able to keep our customers in the loop.

Thank you all so much for your business though, and please let us know how you like our ear plugs once you receive them.
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