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Got them in the mail today...

And I have been wearing them for the past 3 hours. I bought 5 pairs of these suckers on a whim, two for me while motorcycling due to my NOISY helmet, and a few more for my Dad/Mom.

My parents live near a local highway, and over the past 20 years, more homes have been built near by, more trees have been cut down, and more noise reaches the house. Dad spends every night sleeping with earplugs in. Generally the standard foam ones. Mom wears earplugs cause Dad snores

My first impressions when I put these ear plugs in:

There is a LOT of material for each ear plug. They may look small in photos, but they are of significant size. Enough so that you couldn't possibly (I don't imagine so) lose and ear plug in your ear canal. Wearing these now, they protrude out of my ear a good 1/4, but I have taken to forming them to my ear to block out most possible noise.

Shipping and HANDLING is charged at $5.95. Actual cost on my shipping envelope = $1.56. That's $4.39 for handling. I don't give a hoot, but some may.

I can't hear the highway through my parents living room window.

I can't hear myself typing on the keyboard.

I can hear my heart beat.

Molded to my ear, they don't interact with the pillows when I lie down. Just my ear touches any surfaces.

I took a bath and submerged my face for over 30 seconds. No water in my ears, the plugs didn't move at all, and never felt like they were coming loose.

The microwave isn't nearly as annoying when running, or when it Beeps to say it's done.

When my parents dog barks, I don't yell at it to SHUT THE HELL UP.

Doors closing don't interfere with my train of thought.

Most importantly for me: When I rode 20 miles on my DR650, wearing my Arai XD (Read: NOISY ASS HELMET), I was MUCH happier riding. I've always been annoyed by the road noise, and foam earplugs stick out from my ears and interact with the helmet. These plugs block more noise, don't interact with the helmet when taking it off, putting it on, or adjusting it on the road.

Overall: These plugs do exactly what the manufacturers say they do. And if they last for over a month as many reviews have said they would, and I assume they will. Then it's about 5-10cents a night for 1-2 months of use.

I'm bringing 2+ sets with me to South America and back. Glad to have them.

Next step is to see how well they interact with my soon to arrive Sena SMH10 bluetooth intercom headset.

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