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@bigalsmith101: Thank you for such a fine review, I'm thrilled to hear that our ear plugs lived up to your expectations. They really are the highest quality ear plugs on the market by far-- I hope the rest of you have an experience that's every bit as good and that we meet all your expectations no matter how high they are.

I do, however, want to address the shipping issue for a second, which bothers us as well. Firstly, please know that we don't pocket the difference. Our prices are pre-negotiated with a manufacturer who places each ear plug, label, order form and directions card in each plastic container and then in each package by hand, among other things. Here's the breakdown of our handling process:

1. Since we aren't automated, all ear plugs are glove hand assembled into each box with inserts, snap closed and taped.
2. Labels are prepared and inserted by hand
3. Receipts are prepared individually
4. Instruction cards are inserted into each envelope individually
5. Product and all above are inserted into each package by hand.
6. Postage is affixed to the envelope
7. Packages are weighted with the product for accuracy and proof of contents by hand
8. All packages are checked off on the shipping manifest.
9. All packages are physically taken to the post office and mailed

We aren't a big enough operation to have machines take care of such things for us, and as you can imagine each order thus takes quite a bit of time and effort to put together. We're still very much a small business right now, but hopefully, as we continue to grow, we can find a way to streamline this process and decrease the shipping and handling price for you substantially. We're so sorry about the added cost and I'll make sure that my boss understands your irritation, but no matter what we do that cost is going to be reflected in the total price in some way. As of right now we're charging as little as we possibly can, and low margins like ours require high volume in order turn a profit. When we sell an ear plug that lasts for months at a time that makes things even tougher, but we won't apologize for quality. In summary, thank you so much for your business, we're thrilled to be able to provide you with an adequate product, and we look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you.
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