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Originally Posted by BMW-K View Post
So, I won't go into details but I basically destroyed the cast rims on my GS last weekend. I will say I had a BLAST doing it though!

Now I need to replace my rims. The cost of OEM's vs. Woody's is basically the same. I don't do a whole lot of dirt and at 5'8" a 21/18 combo really isn't going to do me favors.

So, I'm going to stick with the 19/17 sizes but with one question: OEM's vs. Woody's.

Alternately stated: Tubes vs. Tubless. 'Cuz the Woody's need a tube on the front, minimum. I'm not big on tubes...but the BLING factor of the Woody's is darn hard to avoid!

One Day I will do the TAT. Not sure if that makes any difference.

I think it is all what you are looking for. For the front, if I had to buy new I would go 21" - just because of the better off road abilities and the fact that a 90/90 21" is much cheaper than a 19" front - the old R100 / R80 GS had 21" as does the F800 - so that speaks some merit of the 21" - tubeless can most certainly be done using a R100 rim but they are not nearly as strong as the Excel rim.

The 17" rear is the way to go - I considered the 18" for my 1100 GS and my 30" inseam and the good choice of 17" rubber made me stay with 17"

All that being said I have a Woody's 21" front and an OE 17" rear on my bike - 90/90 21 on the front and 140/80 17 on the rear - tubes on both ends. I am happy with the whole setup!
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