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Just tried mine out for an hour or so on the work motor. Works good at blocking the "white" wind noise and hiss of the police radio, it actually makes it more pleasant to listen to the police radio because the speakers sound a little lower, probably because the noise reduction. I have tried talking to some people while wearing the helmet and it is quite a bit harder, especially if you are not looking at them. I am going to try messing with how much they are pushed in/cover the ear canal to see if I can fine tune it. Officer safety wise I am not sure I like not being able to hear some of the quieter sounds of maybe another car pulling up behind me or someone walking up, although I really don't know how much of that I would catch or not on a busy highway anyway. Overall very easy to use and pretty comfortable in the helmet.

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He bought this bike with his own money as a "fixer upper" that he can ride and learn to wrench on. Part of owning is he will buy parts and wrench on it himself. We are going through it together and having fun! I am very proud of the young man he is becoming.
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