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I've had a couple of messages about the high fender.

Converting the bike to high fender (the way I did it) is not trivial but it is not too difficult. It does require you to solve a few problems because it is not a "kit" so you have to make a few things up.

Riding wise, it was a must do for me. The old 950s front fender sits pretty much right on the tire unlike the new 990s.

My first ride out to the pawnee grasslands saw me having a full front tire lockup at about 30mph. I left a huge skid mark (in my undies too) but managed to not fall down. It was without warning just like I had pulled 100% full front brake - locked up instantly.

Personally I prefer the look of the low fender.. but considering the amount of time I spend offroad it had to go.

I ordered all of the parts mentioned by PFB in his post regarding the high fender but I didn't end up using them all.

Einstein the cat wasn't included but you can have him if you want him

The stock brake line has a second line that goes over the fender to the other caliper. Obviously without the fender this line needs to be replaced with a full length line. I used another of the stock, full length line.

Removing the existing brake lines, I swapped the double banjo bolt from the left caliper up to the handelbards, and the banjo bolt from the handlebars down to the left. Now I could run dual parallel brake lines - no new banjo bolts needed.

Basically I took the brake line "holder" and cut/re-bent it to make a mirror image for the other side:

Then the line has to be secured to the right fork guard. I drilled holes and bolted on one of the SX85's cable guides. The back of the block was flat so I took a dremel on low speed with a sanding wheel and carved away a curve in the back that matched the curve of the fork guard.

Where the brake line arrives at the triples I wanted to have a guide for it. I cut down the "stock guide" and flipped it

...and mounted it here (there is a threaded hole under there already):

...which put everything in a nice line (pun!)

On the left side I built a "double stack" line guide to hold the two lines

The last part of the puzzle is during installation - because my second brake line was too long (it goes straight down so it doesn't need to be as long as the stock line which goes across and down) - rather then getting a custom length line, I installed a loop in the line. You can see it in this photo.. as the forks compress the loop just gets bigger. At first I had some concern and considered redoing things with a shorter line but it has worked out well and been problem free for the past 20K miles.

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