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Originally Posted by Grider Pirate View Post
That's always been a very temporary fix at best. Spending a few bucks and a morning replacing the seals is a better solution. No special tools required, and it doesn't take very long at all.
Temporary fix? Yes but it's also a reasonable solution to a frequent problem.

I've been able to reseal my PR seals using a seal setting tool and a hammer on many occasions and thereby extend the usefulness of my old seals for more than a year. It took maybe 1/2 hour to make the tool, the materials cost was zero, c clean bike? Priceless!.

I learned the trick from a trained BMW mechanic, who would always tighten up his customers seals during a regular service stop, if they showed need of it. That way, his customers could put that job off until it was time to schedule more extensive repairs, thus saving them time and money, while it also saved him time and made him money!

Nothing wrong with that!

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