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Originally Posted by fishkens View Post
Yep, awesome thread. Thanks.

I think you'll like the Siebenrock kit. My GS was much happier with it. Are you going to balance the rods, etc. during the install? I did a rudimentary balancing with a gram scale and a dremel tool. I'm not sure what bits helped but overall it ran much more smoothly afterwards.
thank you. you guys make this thread good, not me.

I didnt go to the rods, no. I was hoping to use Heisenberg's uncertainty principal, meaning if I could get in do the swap and get out fast enough, perhaps the universe would not notice what I was up to and leave me alone. Haha, not to be after I had not accounted for a few small cyl stud o rings, but MAX and UPS to the rescue, and furthermore I was convinced to look at the valves since it was easy as pie for Andrew. It was determined that the intakes were "kinda hammered" so we dropped em off at our friendly neighborhood machinist and he turned em around in less than 24 hours.
I explained to him that they had been freshly rebuilt 15K miles ago, and what was it that was causing the valve to get eaten.
He said a little loose adjustment might be the cause. Were they tappy? he asked

I had been setting the intakes at .15mm and the exhausts at .2mm under the impression that a little room was a good thing. I guess I'm going to go back to .1 and .2 for the future.

Basically we left the bike tonight needing a valve adjustment, a carb sync and an oil change, and we're ready to break in.
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