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Got up the next morning and just had to snap a shot from the vestibule. I soaked it in for several minutes before stumbling down to the house for some bad ass breakfast burrito concoction. We hopped in the truck in the early morning and headed back into town, grabbing Maureen a replacement battery as well as some other random accessories before shooting back to the ranch and performing some repairs. Javier and I took the time to show off our bikes. He's got a rather impressive KZ1000, and can't seem to speak highly enough of. Mid-morning leads to mid-day and we all geared up for a little tour and lunch. I gotta say, so far BC has been very impressive. Awesome roads and scenic views. We stopped in Kaslo, I believe, and had lunch. This is where I said my goodbyes and continued northwest, following route 6 to Vernon and making camp 20 miles outside of town.

Woke up the next morning to a light drizzle just outside of Cherryville. Reluctantly, I crawled out having donned my damp gear and roll the whole tent up, shoving everything haphazardly back into their bags and getting on my way. Once in town, I exchanged some currency and had a mediocre breakfast at a Denny's. I remembering having walked up to the front door shortly after a pair of bikers. The last guy turned around and locked the door behind him, turning to mock at his friends he locked outside. He spots me patiently waiting for pancakes and cracks the door open to let me in. His buddy comments “Can you believe this guy?” to which I just laughed as returned with a solid “Hah. What a jackass.” This got a good reaction out of them. I'd bump into one of these guys as I left and he questioned me about my travels. I asked me at one point, a bit surprised, “You don't even have a map?” I shrugged. I knew where I was going, north west. He ended up giving me a Harley-Davidson travel atlas. Good guy. Canadians.....

I followed the Trans-Canada highway into Cache Creek before heading north on 97 towards Prince George. The goal in the short term was to get to Hyder. This is one town I WAS aware of, and I knew that I wanted to check it out. I had heard about it quite a bit on ADVrider and, as I've already demonstrated, that's all the reason I needed to go somewhere. I got hit with a pretty gnarly thunderstorm while in Williams Lake and sought shelter in the Motel 8, mooching wifi and inhaling coffee. This is also where I started having chronic flooding problems, causing me to leave puddles of fuel wherever I parked. I learned to be quick with the petcock while at stops. I pitched camp that night beneath some power lines just outside some random Provincial Park an hour south of Prince George. I hoped that I wouldn't wake up with a tumor or something....

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