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Lemme answer some questions real quick before I continue on too much further.

Flashmo: I absolutely intend to be there for WestFest. I'm hooked, man. You can count on it. Just don't go doing something dumb like running over your own foot two days before the trip this time around, numb nuts.

Tiernan: Lyons, NY. Just north of Geneva, about dead smack between Syracuse and Rochester. 315-er for life.

Truckin thumper: I'm just a different kind of crazy. And yes, this is before we met, by about a year. I referred to this trip as the Rootbeer run, mostly because for some strange reason I was addicted to Canadian A&W Root beer, and always had a bottle on hand. We met during the Chasing the Sun phase. Make sense? good.

I also want to make a point that I've been "sober" for over a week now, and I feel like my creative juices are fading. I might slow down on the updates again until I can score my next fix. I'd rather you guys have some good, somewhat humorous updates than just journal entries, which is what I feel I may be moving towards.

And once again, thanks for all the incredible feedback. Feel free to send questions my way.
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