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Originally Posted by 1911fan View Post
Well, crap. From reading this thread it appeared my Battery Tender would work on the Shorai, now I see that's apparently not the case. Now I have to go buy a charger for the most expensive battery ever, which will be at my house this week (Thanks CJ!) and in the 990 when I get home.
I'm scared to go see how much the dedicated chargers cost.....

EDIT: Went to CJ's website but couldn't find a Shorai Charger. Did some surfing and found this:
"We have confirmed with Deltran, makers of the "Battery Tender" brand, that their products do NOT have a desulfation mode, and are therefore OK for use with Shorai LFX, for example. But the best possible charger/tender for Shorai LFX is the new Shorai brand battery tender (part #SHO-BMS01), which will be released in February of 2011. It uses the 5-pin BMS port in the LFX batteries, in order to monitor, diagnose, and balance the individual cells during charge. And it also has an optimized storage mode that will give the longest possible service life to your LFX."

Same website also said that the battery should be able to sit for several months in cold temps and not need charging. This will be nice, but I hate to find out on the first riding day of spring that it's not true. They did recommend disconnecting the negative cable if it is going to sit a long time.

All kind of irrelevant, as I've already got the battery headed my way.

Don't know where you get that you can't use the Battery Tenders brand chargers, says just above that they are "OK". The President of Shorai USA himself told me they will work just fine to top the batteries off enough to start the bike and will not damage their batteries -- just not as fancy as their own charger, which had not been released when I put up this thread. The bikes own charging system has the higher voltages needed to fully top off the Shorai once the engine is running.

I for one am not going to worry myself with super-fussy details. I ride my bike all the time so will likely never even put a tender on it. Even over the Winter of sub-freezing temps, heated grips, Gerbings heated vest, forgetting my key-on/heated hand grips on for an hour... the baterry has never lost significant voltage or the ability to start right up solid.

1911fan, my 990S sat for a little over 2 weeks at sub-freezing temps, not on a charger, and had no trouble firing the bike right up after the "warmup" procedure, at sub-freezing temps. I have been purposely trying to run down the battery in normal operations, some that would for sure have drained my OEM lead/acid at times, and it hasn't caused any issues with the Shorai. I would be the first to squawk if it didn't live up to performance specs, but so far it has.

If some folks park their bikes for months on end and want the Shorai to be within "best possible" millivolts of some magic numbers all the time, by all means get the fancy Shorai charger when it appears. I'm sure the gadget geeks (like me) probably will, and then never use it...
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