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I install rings completely dry and fire the motor and run at 3/4 full revs for 45seconds then shut it off and repeat twice more allowing it to cool in between.

Then suit up and leave on the bike immediately after starting (DO NOT let it sit on choke to warm) and turn the choke off AS SOON as possible (or sooner) while underway (this is very important, especially with nikasil barrels, to prevent cylinder glazing).

Go for a good ride of 40-60 miles of empty roads using the revs in the midrange off and on throttle to create pressure in the chambers to force the rings to bed-in to the bore. Your motors will seal nicely and won't use oil when the rings are broken in this way.

Don't be shy with new rings, it'll only lead to glazing and oil consumption. You're actually completeing the machining process when you bed-in new rings. Be aggressive about it.

Hope this helps,

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