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Originally Posted by Skyclad View Post
Actually, it is still pretty easy to get a dirt bike street legal in PA. If it comes with a motorcycle title, then all you have to do is get the lights, horn and tires sorted. After that, it just needs a normal inspection and you are good to go. Hell, I still have the stock (loud) pipe on the KTM and it passed with no problem.

If it has a offroad title, there is a little more paperwork, but still not tough.
Hey guys, just found this thread by accident, while looking for something about Lums Pond/C&D Canal riding...I might have to change direction! Looks like a great place to 'get slightly lost', and not too far for me to day trip it. If anyone from east of MSF needs a witness, I'd be happy to tag along. I have 2 DRs, a 350 and a 650, one should be able to keep up with one of those OFF! mesquito repellant colored bikes (I'm jealous, of course) or a G-spot...
My last DS bike was a tagged XR600R, and yes, it's pretty easy to get them legal in PA, but it takes the right inspection mechanic to do it. It's called "enhanced vehicle inspection" now, to change an OHV title to a street title. Same form as a reconstructed title, I think MV426PA is the number. (funny, the plate didn't change that bike's pigishness in the woods, or give it any manners on the pavement)
Keep the pics coming, spring is almost on us!
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