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I need some help!

Huge long story! Short version is this. I need some tranny help. New to me 97 R1100RT with M97 tranny, with 85K on the clock. With very sketchy maint. records.

Pulled drive train down for spline lube. Drained tranny and found crumbs I did not like. Tore down, bad input brgs. Clean up and install new brgs. Reassemble.

My problem is that the cutout notch on the shift drum will not mesh with the shift notch on the shifter pawl on the shift shaft? The drum when fully seated in the trans. case now sets below the the shift shaft shift pawls. Meaning that there is no contact between the shift drum and the shift shaft to allow the tranny to be shifted from one gear to the next.

I do not have any spare parts left over. All three shafts are correctly seated in the case. The shift drum has to be fully seated in the bottom or back of the case with a snap ring. Meaning if does not " FLOAT" in the transmission. The shift shaft has to also seat in the back of the case in order for the external linkage to be attached.

I am completely stumped? No parts have been added or removed in these two areas.

I am open for suggestions.
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