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I am sure you are puzzled, as I am. These trannys are pretty simply looking when opened up, after looking and studing what does what and when it does it and what gear you are in. I have never been into any transmission of any kind in my life until I opened up mine the first time. I have now been into it 2 times. This is what I did on the second time around trying to figure out what my problem was, and I still had to be told (by Bruno) that the gears needed to be undercut. That is the problem with the M94 trannys.

When I had my tranny apart the second time and wanted to see exactly what does what. While the case is open and you try to shift the gears everything moves around. I made a little jig out of 2" channel iron, spacers and long bolts. Drilled holes in the channel and placed it over the shafts with spacer to keep everything in place then with the drive shaft attached so I could rotate the shaft I could shift thru all the gears and watch what was going on.

I suggest you do something like that with the case open and when you get it shifting thru all the gears put it back together. Before you put it back in the bike, shift againg thru all the gears over and over to make sure it is working correctly.

It doessound like you do not have something seated all the way in the tranny, might be the drum(watch for the little pins that they do not slip out and keep the drum from seating all the way down) or the shifting shaft is not seated all the way down or the drum is not in the right position. It only works one way, take your time and understand the tranny, don't force anything.

I hope this helps.

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Huge long story! Short version is this. I need some tranny help. New to me 97 R1100RT with M97 tranny, with 85K on the clock. With very sketchy maint. records.

Pulled drive train down for spline lube. Drained tranny and found crumbs I did not like. Tore down, bad input brgs. Clean up and install new brgs. Reassemble.

My problem is that the cutout notch on the shift drum will not mesh with the shift notch on the shifter pawl on the shift shaft? The drum when fully seated in the trans. case now sets below the the shift shaft shift pawls. Meaning that there is no contact between the shift drum and the shift shaft to allow the tranny to be shifted from one gear to the next.

I do not have any spare parts left over. All three shafts are correctly seated in the case. The shift drum has to be fully seated in the bottom or back of the case with a snap ring. Meaning if does not " FLOAT" in the transmission. The shift shaft has to also seat in the back of the case in order for the external linkage to be attached.

I am completely stumped? No parts have been added or removed in these two areas.

I am open for suggestions.
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