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Originally Posted by towpro View Post
Lawrence, is that picture Fishing Creek road?
Yes, good eye ya got there. Not many bridges like that. Before the enviro nazis took over Fishing Creek and declared it "pristine" (funny, my mom said it was carved out of the woods by Great Depression era workers, as a gov funded unemployment relief project), we used to ride the creek itself. But that was late 80s, early 90s. I'm sure you would be drawn, hung, and quartered for such horrible, destructive behavior now. Although if you look closely, no damage seems to have happened...could this be one special interest group intent on eliminating all others? Just ask the horse-back people who used to be able to ride here. Oh well, at least we have the horribly-kept, winter maintenance-free dirt road to enjoy. And they can't blame the dirtbikers for the dumping of refuse anymore...(it was so obvious that we were doing it- look, there is a knobby track right next to that junk couch!)
Sorry about the soap-boxing, each year I see our riding spots shrink due to classless acts of others. And this winter has been no exception, piles of old tires, fridges, roofing's probably good I don't have supreme executive power. I'd be executing it.
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