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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Yes, they get you back to a crank reading...a little misleading, but the whole tune on the same dyno still works and is a great tool. Do you really want to go looking for power with 85,000 on the clock?
What model Dynojet is suppose to get you back to a crank reading? Is it an option an the printout? I think their inertia dynos read high but not 20% high. Does their software have an at the crank button? No one has ever showed it to me. Is it a new feature? Where did you get the 20% figure. What about Dynojet brake dynos? They don't just make inertia dynos. Some don't even consider an inertia dyno as being a real dyno. Torque isn't really measured on an inertia dyno. It is estimated by a computer.
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