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Originally Posted by lucky6600 View Post
The rear turn signals on the 81' R100 is in the process of deleting . The whole rear light section has been re-wired, and only the tail light remained. After that, the front won’t work as well. They will all work again if the rear plugged back in. Looking into the wiring diagrams, it looks like the real section is a stand alone section, and it should make no affect to the rest of the circuit.
I might miss something very easy here, so please show me the light.
Are you trying to say that you removed the rear turn signal lamps from the circuit and the front turn signals no longer flash as they did when the rear signals were included in the circuit?

Ween is correct in saying the flasher relay will behave differently when lamps have been removed from the circuit. Cars and motorcycles operated like this for decades. The relay requires the load of all the lamps and a change in flashing frequency doubles as an alert to the operator that a turn signal lamp has burned out.

Just curious, do you intend to operate the bike w/out rear signals?
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