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Originally Posted by Lornce View Post
While it's raining.

Well, once I got really good at swappin em, I'd stop in a parking lot on the way to elementary school, borrow a hack saw and a pair of pliers from the 5+10 and install a new chain right damn there. Took about five minutes and I never even got my hands dirty.

I liked changin em chains so much that when I was in High School, sometimes I'd carry a spare chain with me and swap one out just for shits and giggles! Then, one day I met this kinda cute house wife out ridin her old mans /5 (The one with the big jugs.) and she said her chain was rattlin and asked me if I'd lube her chain up for her. Her hubby weren't home and didnt seem to like lubin that much anyway, so I fallered her to her house and....

Never mind.

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