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Originally Posted by 9Dave View Post
Hey Alex. Love the report.

So are we really going to see you in Darby in July?

Thanks. I'll be at WestFest if I have any say in it. Who knows what life will bring, eh?

I'm actually quite enjoying writing up this ride report. It's been a long time overdue. Despite all the words of encouragement, I'm not completely satisfied with the way this is coming out. I'm gonna chaulk this up to the fact that this is a ride I took nearly two years ago and some details just aren't as fresh as they should be. The journal has been indespensible in terms of refreshing my memory, as have the photos. I'm starting to encounter gaps in the journal now. In fact, I've just come up to a 15 day gap in the story line, and while I know the series of events in terms of where I ended each night, the rest is all whatever memories the photos are kicking. As a result, I'm having to go through and read through my entries two or three times, in various states of mind and edit as I go. I promise that "Chasing the Sun" will include many more pictures and a much fresher memory.

Someone mentioned before that this was an honest report, and I wanted to say something before but... I just didn't. Honesty is what I'm going for here. I'm laying everything out, in as accurate detail as I can. Nothing is being changed to save my ego, and the only time that I may leave out some details will be when others are involved and haven't given permission to post whichever sensitive info I come across. This is just as much therapy for me as it is a form of record keeping. Series of events along this trip have caused some personal demons to come to the surface, ones I thought I had long since banished. Maybe I'm hoping that through reviewing these past few years, maybe I can gain some insight. Or maybe I'm just looking for attention.

Be that as it may, I'm not gonna loose interest in this, and I want to point out that so far we're only at maybe 5,000 miles out of over 30,000. I hope to continue with the momentum that I've gathered, but I'm not gonna sacrifice quality for consistency. I'm sure you'll all understand.
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