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Originally Posted by crazybrit View Post
Dang, there goes my chance to be the only US rider with this

I think:
1) he doesn't check this thread (or forum even) often.
2) he's looking for someone to step up, pay him a lump sum, receive the shipment from him (insured) and distribute them out via USPS mail to the people here.
3) once #2 is sorted he probably wants a total# via e-mail.

At least this is my reading of his post. I may be wrong.

EDIT: I think his design has some kind of limp home safety feature also.
Yes, you are correct... I am currently temporarily reading this thread only, because I am getting to many individual questions from around the world.

I could also try and find a shop willing to supply the part, but they will probably add profit margins...

You are also correct: The circuit has a safety feature: The pump is always running at a minimum speed, even if the detection is completely failing e.g. by dirtwater. This will bring you back home and you can rinse/clean and dry the pcb and it should work again.

since you completely take out the contact breaker set, and can revert back to original, you could simply take the original contact breaker set as a spare part (small and lightweight) if you were to go on a globetrotter trip.
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