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Originally Posted by MotoRover View Post
Gave bike ben je aan het bouwen DaBit! Hoop je ooit ergens tegen te komen in de klei.
Zal wel lukken :)

What material are you going to use for the fuel tanks?
I want to use HDPE (high-density polyethylene) for the fuel tanks. That plastic is light (2.5 times lighter than aluminium when compared by volume. It floats on water), tough, resistent to most chemicals including fuel, easy to weld, and cheap.

That Kydex stuff looks interesting too though. I'll give it some research.

Originally Posted by Cloud9 View Post
V-twin motor, 6 speed, low seat height, liquid cooled, EFI, lots of torque & hp, reliable...
No EFI. This SV is a 1st gen bike which is carbed. It also uses the lighter tubular frame, less wide radiator, no oil cooler, etc.
Later models are a bit heavier and produce a few more HP.

But still, the motor is the best part. Torquey, smooth and the redline is somewhere in the sky. When I open the throttle in second gear and let the motor rip, all I see is sky. Do the same in third gear, and my arms are a few cm longer once the motor reaches redline

Seat height won't be low when finished either. More suspension travel, more ground clearance, underseat tank, some foam is needed for a comfortable seat, etc.

I will try to keep it at 90cm / 36" or lower, but that won't be an easy task.

what's not to like?
Exactly my idea. 156kg still sounds a bit too little so I might recheck the measurements with another scale.

On the other hand: the scale measures my body weight just fine, and that Thinstrom built by glitch_oz weights in at 171kg with 20L of fuel, heavier fuel tank, original instrument cluster, etc.

And I'm able to lift up either end of the bike and put it where I want it, so it can't be very heavy. Comes in handy in the shed :)

Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Looking good Bart, that was very good progress to get it rideable so fast.
Yep, but it's only rideable and street-legal at the moment, not even close to finished. Although the seating position works out nicely the way it is now. I wouldn't mind strapping a few bags on the rear and leave for a couple of weeks trip in the as-is state.

Suspension is the next big issue besides 10.000 little jobs. Definitely need to get that sorted first since it determines the angles of the rest.

I have to limit front travel to 210mm / 8.3". For a bad asphalt / light offroad bike that's not too bad. Talked to the suspension guys, and they will prepare a nice package with an intital guesstimate of the required springs, cartridge emulators, fresh oil/seals/bushings, etcetera for me soon.
Once the front is sorted and my savings acount recovered, we will match the rear.

Glad to see the LC4 MC worked out so nicely!
Glad someone offered me one :) The SV MC didn't work so well.
The rear brake still isn't functioning as well as it should (can't block the wheel on the street, for example).

Guess I'll get me some fresh brake pads first before I start troubleshooting ;)
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